Kashish Duggal Discusses Her Role as Prabha in 'Suhagan'

Kashish Duggal, known for her role in Aangan Apnon Ka, has joined the cast of Suhagan on Colors She is excited to start a new project right after her previous show ended.

In Suhagan, Kashish plays the character of Prabha, a classical dance teacher with a complex personality She is eager to explore the depth of her character and is grateful for the opportunity.

Despite not having formal dance training, Kashish is enthusiastic about portraying a dance teacher on screen and is looking forward to learning classical dance skills for the role

Her experience on Aangan Apnon Ka was fulfilling, where she worked with a talented and supportive team that made every moment on set special

Kashish values the camaraderie and joy shared with her co-actors on Aangan Apnon Ka, considering it more than just a job but a beautiful journey filled with laughter and unforgettable memories

She appreciates the support from her fans and the teams she works with, expressing gratitude for the opportunities in her career

Kashish's journey in the entertainment industry has been rewarding, and she is excited about the challenges and growth that come with each new project

Through her roles, Kashish aims to bring authenticity and emotion to her characters, showcasing her passion for acting and dedication to her craft