Khanzaadi Steals the Spotlight alongside Sushmita Sen as they both twin in Red at an event

Rising star Firoza Khan, also known as Khanzaadi, has gained popularity with her rap skills and advocacy in the music industry

Khanzaadi recently attended a star-studded event where she caught everyone's attention by twinning in red outfits with Miss Universe Sushmita Sen

The warm hugs and sweet kiss shared between Khanzaadi and Sushmita Sen showcased their camaraderie and genuine connection

Their matching outfits emphasized their bond and unity in the entertainment world

Sushmita Sen's timeless beauty perfectly complemented Khanzaadi's radiant charm, creating a dynamic pair that captivated everyone around them

The heartfelt moment between the two celebrities highlighted their mutual admiration and respect

In an industry known for glitz and glamour, their genuine connection served as a reminder of the power of authenticity and meaningful relationships