Kiran Khoje: Success Relies on Commitment, Not Partner Support

Actress Kiran Khoje emphasizes that success is not solely based on partner support, but on individual commitment

She believes that women should have the choice to prioritize raising children or pursuing a career, without others dictating their decisions

Kiran disagrees with the notion that a man's success depends on a woman managing household tasks, stating that dedication and focus are the key factors

She highlights the importance of mutual understanding and support in relationships, where partners can contribute and help each other

Kiran acknowledges that daycare facilities can provide a solution for working parents, allowing them to focus on their careers while ensuring their children are cared for

In India, the acceptance of women excelling in their careers despite having kids will take time, according to Kiran

She believes that the best way to balance home and profession is by supporting and helping each other, setting aside egos and collaborating

Kiran emphasizes the need for both personal and professional aspects to thrive for a harmonious life