Kunal Karan Kapoor: Embracing Night Owl Life and Shoots

Kunal Karan Kapoor, currently seen in the show Udaariyaan, enjoys doing night shifts and is a self-proclaimed night owl

He doesn't mind shooting through the night, but he understands that it can affect the crew and team members adversely

Kunal believes in managing his time well and finds joy in indulging in activities like traveling, reading, playing video games, and watching movies during his free time

He appreciates a healthy work environment and doesn't complain about petty things

As a child artist, Kunal has experienced shooting in challenging conditions, but he believes things have improved over time

Kunal's mindset is focused on giving his best and adding value to the final product of any project he joins

He believes in taking responsibility and making an effort to make things better if he likes the project

Kunal's dedication to his work is evident in his approach and attitude towards his career