“Looking back, time seems to have stopped!” Ranjeet

Ranjeet has been one of the actors who have played very evil characters on the screen of Hindi cinema. If he is on screen then something must be wrong. If he is with a woman in any scene on screen,

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“Looking back, time seems to have stopped!” Ranjeet

Ranjeet has been one of the actors who have played very evil characters on the screen of Hindi cinema. If he is on screen then something must be wrong. If he is with a woman in any scene on screen, then her clothes are bound to be torn, molested, or raped. Ranjeet, an artiste who feels disgusted after seeing her on screen, how decent and decent he is in his personal life. They are lovely people, only those who have been with them for some time can understand this. My last meeting with him was at his Juhu bungalow. It was a pleasant evening with him on the terrace of his bungalow with a swimming pool, which we spent exploring the past while sipping tea.

Ranjeet' Vivid Memories and Belief in Destiny

Veteran Actor Ranjeet

"Remember that trip when the craze of working in films brought you to Mumbai (then Bombay)?"

"Perfect! I remember every single thing. My memory is very sharp. I even remember the dialogues from the films of Devanand, Dilip Kumar, and Sunil Dutt that I watched in those days." While saying this, he surprises us by narrating long dialogues from some films, which he had seen in the theaters of his hometown Amritsar before coming into films. "I believe in luck a lot. The destination keeps taking the turn where you have to reach." He reached his youthful moments when he went for Air Force training. The daughter of an officer (instructor) used to watch him there. That officer threatened him, and due to this he had a fight with that officer and he was out of the training. He explains. "At that time, working in films was not considered a good job, dancers were considered singers.


Returned from Mumbai empty-handed from training. He was a good football player. He used to do goalkeeper duty so well that he was called 'Goli'. This was the destination. That in Mumbai I met a man who was an NRI, a very big man, who was making a film..."I had to hide from my family that I was with a man where the film work was going on. They thought I was on Air Force training. His film was not made, but people thought that I was someone very special to him. Because of him, all the film stars used to respect me. From this contact, I came to know that they are looking for someone to give me work in the film. 'Sawan Bhadon', and 'Sharmili' were such mixed films. I was influenced by Sunil Dutt Sahab. He was like a guru to me. His film 'Reshma Aur Shera' was also done then." He recalls. It was Sunil Dutt who gave me the name Ranjeet. He said that the name should be like that of film people and I would like to appear on the screen with 'Gopal Singh Bedi'. When I look back, it seems that those initial moments have come to a standstill before my eyes."

Ranjeet interview

"But, today's cinema is running away. You did not try to change your image, why?"

"I never did anything with a plan. I did whatever came my way. I didn't say no to anyone. In this way, I did more than 500 films. I watch fewer films, I don't even watch my own. The image became so dangerous that it was difficult to get rid of it. Went." However, Ranjeet also did television and directed two films. 'Karnama' and 'Gajab Tamasha' were his directed films. But the image on the screen was too heavy. Clung to them. Till today people are afraid.

He tells an incident related to his life. My daughter was doing a fashion design course in Delhi. I used to go to meet him. People in the industry here thought that I had a girlfriend etc. whom I went to meet. I am very friendly with both my children (daughter Divyanka and son Chiranjeevi). He went to a restaurant in Delhi hand in hand with his daughter. A man sitting at the other table was repeatedly stopping his wife from looking at me. I understood. I said in a loud voice to everyone - "Hey brother, my daughter has brought food to feed, please serve it quickly." After that, the same man came to me and said that his wife wanted to get photographed with me. I have to go through such situations very often. This image – which has stuck with me!”

Famous Bollywood Villain Ranjeet

He praises today's cinema but also says - "Today's OTT films cannot be watched sitting at home with the family. I don't know when such a scene will come... Nowadays people have also changed, and behavior has changed. It was a time full of love for all of us. We all used to gather together. There was great affection for each other. Here - at my house in the evening, many people gathered together. They are eating and drinking together. I do not drink but Sunil Dutt used to come, Vinod Khanna used to come, Prem Chopra and Rajesh Khanna also used to come. It used to be a fun-filled evening. Today when I look back, I feel that time has stopped!

-Sharad Rai

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