Mouli Ganguly on 'Janani AI ki Kahani' by Abhigyan and Mrinal Jha

Actress Mouli Ganguly is part of a new show called "Janani AI ki Kahani" on Dangal TV

The show explores the concept of artificial intelligence and motherhood, focusing on a mother's journey to save her daughter

Ganguly describes the show as a breath of fresh air and a unique concept for Indian television

She praises the writer, Mrinal Jha, and expresses her excitement to work with her

Ganguly plays the role of Ira Sharma, a working woman who faces various challenges in her personal and professional life

The actress relates to her character's struggles and finds the script beautifully written

Ganguly also praises the producers, Abhigyan and Mrinal Jha, for their respectful treatment of actors

"Janani AI ki Kahani" will air on Dangal TV from April 15th, Monday to Saturday