Mouli Ganguly on Janani - AI Ki Kahani: Exciting Journey Ahead

Actress Mouli Ganguly, who plays the role of Ira Sharma in the show Janani - AI ki Kahani, is thrilled with the positive response from the audience

She has been reposting many stories and receiving lovely messages and edits from fans on Instagram

The show promises a lot of exciting twists and turns that have not been seen before on television

Mouli Ganguly believes that AI is the future and it is very relevant today

She mentions that AI can be used for both good and bad, depending on the intention of the people dealing with it

The show Janani - AI ki Kahani also stars Prapti Shukla, Sumit Kaul, and Nitin Guleria

Mouli Ganguly is not usually an active person on Instagram, but she is happy to share the positive response from fans

The actress feels blessed and is looking forward to the exciting journey ahead

The show often shoots in chroma and the cast is getting used to it

AI is a topic of much discussion and news, similar to the themes explored in the show