My father was our North Star: Gulfam Khan Hussain

Gulfam Khan Hussain, who will be seen in a web series called Waack Girls, shares how she misses her father and considers him her guiding light

Gulfam's father was a source of guidance in various aspects of life, including relationships, life choices, and overcoming struggles

She learned valuable life lessons from her father, such as the importance of art and a trade, resolving issues with a cup of tea and good conversation, and sharing food with others

Despite his hard work, Gulfam's father always had a happy demeanor when he was around his family Unfortunately, he passed away before he could fulfill his dream of traveling after retiring.

Gulfam emphasizes that her father was an expressive and extroverted person, unlike the stereotype of less expressive fathers

She mentions that films and television tend to focus more on mothers' emotions, but occasionally there are movies that touch the hearts of viewers regarding father-child relationships, such as the movie Waqt: The Race Against Time

Gulfam reflects on how her father's strictness was actually for their own benefit and to guide them onto the right path

For Father's Day, Gulfam plans to spend time with her nephew, help him make a gift for her brother, and later have dinner with her husband and close friends