Nazia speaks about her role in Deepak Tijori’s Tipppsy!

Actress Nazia, known for her roles in Hindi and Telugu films, will be seen in Deepak Tijori's upcoming film 'Tipppsy'

Nazia shares her special connection with the director and why she took up the role of Iris in the film

Her character, Iris, is described as a bold and outspoken woman who can do anything if she has to

Nazia had to come out of her own inhibitions and cocoon to portray the character, which included getting tattoos designed specifically for Iris

Director Deepak Tijori is known for empowering his actors and giving them creative freedom on set

The experience of working on the film pushed Nazia to her limits and made her a better actor

'Tipppsy' is a reference to hangovers and revolves around a group of girls going on a bachelorette party where their drinks get spiked

Nazia emphasizes the importance of responsible drinking habits and being vigilant in such situations

As an actor, Nazia is open to any role and sees no limitations in her career

'Tipppsy' is set to release on 10th May and also stars Alankrita Sahai, Natasha Suri, Kainaat Arora, Harjinder Singh, and Sonia Birje