Nitin Bhajan Discusses Challenges in 'And Tomorrow We Will Be Dead

Nitin Bhajan, known for his role in Chandu Champion, discusses his experience in the international film "And Tomorrow We Will Be Dead," where he played the role of a terrorist named Manora

The movie is based on the true story of a couple kidnapped by terrorists while traveling along the Silk Route in 2011

Nitin reflects on the challenges of portraying a terrorist character in a foreign film, highlighting the need for a different acting approach and communication barriers with Swiss and German characters

The film explores the couple's captivity, survival, and escape from the terrorists, creating intense drama and suspense

Parts of the movie set in Pakistan and Balochistan were shot in Udaipur, while scenes featuring the couple were filmed in Switzerland and Germany

Abhay Verma, who played a local guide in the movie, was Nitin's close friend during the shoot, adding humor and fun moments to the filming experience