Nitin Goswami: Bold Scenes Reflecting Real-life Stories

Nitin Goswami, lead actor of Dangal TV's Deewani, believes that bold scenes in movies and shows reflect real-life situations

He is open to doing bold scenes if they are required in the script and portrayed in a good way

Nitin supports portraying bold content authentically if it is based on genuine stories, but he opposes creating sensationalized content for the sake of grabbing attention

He emphasizes the importance of balancing realism and integrity in storytelling, where elements like profanity, sex, and drugs should be presented authentically if essential to the story

Nitin expresses his interest in exploring action-oriented projects for his future career

He mentions that his favorite web series is Panchayat and he enjoyed watching The Family Man as well

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Nitin's views on bold scenes in the entertainment industry reflect the ongoing debate about the portrayal of sensitive themes in media