Nivedita Basu's Birthday Wish: Happiness, Health, Harmony

Nivedita Basu, who is the senior VP at Atrangii Group turned a year older on May 4. And like every year, it was a working birthday this year too. She kept it low-key with an intimate celebration with just close friends and family.

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Nivedita Basu's Birthday Wish Happiness, Health, Harmony
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“My plans for the day were clear - I would spend the morning at my desk, diving into projects with gusto, all the while enjoying the comfort. I want to celebrate it with joy and with my near and dear ones. For me, birthdays are a passage of time, of growth, and of the memories I've gathered along the way, and they are a reminder to be grateful for the experiences we've had and hopeful for what the future may bring,” she said.

Nivedita Basu's Birthday Wish

Nivedita's Perspective on Age: Embracing Experience and Growth

For Nivedita, age is about experiences and learning. She said, “I believe that what truly mattered was the passion and enthusiasm with which one approached life, regardless of the number of years under their belt. Each birthday is an opportunity to embrace new experiences, learn from past mistakes, and continue growing as a person.”

Nivedita Basu's Birthday
Her birthday rituals do not involve any extravagant purchases; they are rather all about introspection. She said, “Each year I would take a moment to reflect on the lessons learned, the challenges overcome, and the blessings received. I am grateful for the love and support from my family and friends. I also use the time to set intentions for the year ahead, filled with optimism and determination.”

Nivedita Basu
What did you wish for on this birthday? “Happiness, health, and harmony for myself and my loved ones. I hope for continued growth, both personally and professionally, and have pledged to make the most of every opportunity that comes my way. I wish for love and laughter, making each moment count in the journey of life,” she ended.

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