Richa Chadha comments on maternity leave, signs new comedy film

Actress Richa Chadha is breaking stereotypes by balancing her roles as a professional actress, producer, and soon-to-be mother

She is set to start shooting for a new comedy film in October, showcasing her determination to continue working without any breaks

Richa Chadha draws inspiration from her mother, who efficiently managed both professional and personal responsibilities

She emphasizes the importance of a strong support system and believes that pregnancy should not be viewed as a hindrance to work

The upcoming comedy film, based in North India, has a well-prepared script written by Amitosh Nagpal

Richa Chadha's decision to not take a long break and resume work reflects her commitment to her career

The film's pre-production work is scheduled to begin in August, with shooting commencing in October

Richa's approach challenges the societal norms around maternity leave and demonstrates her dedication to her craft