Rinku Dhawan: I've Always Had Strong, Performance-Oriented Roles

Actress Rinku Dhawan, known for her roles in TV shows like Udaariyaan and Kanoon, expresses her love for her journey in the industry

She has been part of the industry for the last three decades and has enjoyed playing strong, performance-oriented roles

Rinku believes that determination and excellence are key to thriving in an acting career

She values the opportunity to portray different characters and brings uniqueness to each role

When considering opportunities, Rinku discusses and weighs the pros and cons with the creatives and makers before making a decision

Sometimes she feels overwhelmed when multiple opportunities come simultaneously, but she embraces the challenge

In the past, actors used to work on multiple projects simultaneously, but now there is more demand for exclusivity

Rinku reminisces about the time when she had the chance to play three different characters on three different shows simultaneously

She appreciates the support and opportunities she has received from the industry and expresses gratitude to the people involved