Rising Star Aaroh Velankar: From Regional Films to Bollywood's Chandu Champion

The talented actor Aaroh Velankar who has recently clinched the Filmfare award is all set to feature in his first Bollywood movie ‘Chandu Champion’ opposite Kartik Aaryan.

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Rising Star Aaroh Velankar
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The talented actor Aaroh Velankar who has recently clinched the Filmfare award is all set to feature in his first Bollywood movie ‘Chandu Champion’ opposite Kartik Aaryan. Aaroh is an actor who has been applauded for his performance and is all set to enthrall the audience with his talent in the Hindi film sector. The opportunity for this talented actor to be cast as the son of Kartik Aryan who plays the protagonist in the movie will be another bonus to the film.

Aaroh expressed his excitement and told everyone about his experience on the first day of the shoot with Kartik Aryan. He said, “Chandu Champion remains my first movie in Hindi cinema and Bollywood too, we shot in Pune and Vai in Maharashtra. I have always been a fan of Kartik because he is also an engineer like me. That is why I felt very comfortable before him on the set. Kartik is very friendly and very hospitable and warm. It was nice working with him. We became very close, like father and son, during shooting

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He continued and stated, “Apart from the dialogue we shot for the film, Kartik and I had many conversations off the set because of our similar education background For me, every day on the set was special but the last day of shooting was the most memorable The last scene where Kartik and I were in frame was the most special The energy of the crew and the essence of the film to a climax made it a moment I will never forget.

In the course of his sharing about his experiences, he added, “I feel very glad to be able to act in a movie such as Chandu Champion. ” When I say it took me about 8-9 years to be here, it does not mean that I have been idle all those years. It was a good start for me and I could not have hoped to get a better one. I am happy that I am starting with Kartik, Kabir Khan and Sajid Nadiadwala feel-good words. "

Climax of Aaroh’s career is the point when he becomes an actor in Bollywood after being a star of regional films. His approach in Chandu Champion, where he shares the screen with Kartik Aaryan who is relatively new to Bollywood, will bring a new chemistry to the silver screen.

Chandu Champion is waiting for release and Aaroh Velankar,  is willing to work hard in Bollywood and to make a good impression in this world. Aaroh has all the determination, zeal and aptitude to become a pure natural actor who has the capability to rule the hearts of audiences all over the country. From being a Filmfare Award winner to his entry into Bollywood, it has been quite a journey here in the industry.

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Everyone is looking forward to the movie Chandu Champion and waiting to see how Aaroh looks with Kartik Aaryan. Aaroh is all set to establish himself as a prolific actor by doing justice to his first film’s role as Kartik Aaryan’s son and more than that he is ready to make a mark in the Hindi cinema.

As he starts this new journey in his acting career, Aaroh Velankar is eager to create his mark in the Bollywood industry as a talent to be measured up against. Hailing from a small town, Aaroh has been blessed with immense talent, charm, and dedication and it is sure that he will be able to carve out his own niche in the Bollywood industry and will be a shining star in the world of Indian cinema.

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