Saiyami Kher Thriving on Physically and Emotionally Demanding Roles

"I always like to do roles which physically and emotionally squeeze all my energy or exhaust me and at the same time it is very rewarding as an actor," says Saiyami Kher.

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Saiyami Kher Thriving on Physically and Emotionally Demanding Roles
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Saiyami Kher is a young and shining star of Indian cinema who is making an impact with her bold portrayal of roles based on strength, power and realism. Inspired by her portrayal of tough personalities and her ability to tackle tough roles, Saiyami Kher shares her path to success and her love and passion for embracing the unknown in the industry.

Saiyami Kher: Grateful for Diverse Acting Opportunities

In a recent statement, Saiyami Kher expressed her happiness and satisfaction at being recognized as an actor capable of playing difficult and challenging roles in Bollywood, "In all the work I have done so far, in all my films, I am Incredibly grateful for the opportunities to do such amazing characters. It gives me an indescribable feeling of appreciation for my skills that takes me out of my comfort zone, and into roles that demand physical and emotional dedication. I have always appreciated and been attracted to roles that take away everything from me and leave nothing behind, because they give back so much to me as an excellent actor. My main goal with every character has always been to be able to get into the character and immerse myself in that part's world. Thus, when someone comments that the girl in the film 'Ghoomar' is the same as the one in the film 'Choked', then I feel so happy. For an actor, this is a compliment of sorts and as an artiste, I feel very honored that the audience sees me in different characters instead of seeing the same person in every role. My acting journey has been full of ups and downs, but I am grateful for all the lessons I have learned. Whenever I am given a chance to perform, I see it as a challenge to better myself as an actor and my aim is to give my best to inspire people and impact their lives. There is no other means of conveying a character's inner world as effectively as acting. That's why when people come back after watching my film and tell me that my film and my character have moved/taught/inspired them, I consider it a success. I just hope that my work reaches as many people as possible. And yes, having played the role of a player, I can say that the globalization of sports has had a profound impact on the way sports is consumed and experienced around the world."

Saiyami enjoyed her recent role in the film 'Agni,' where she played a firefighter and said that she did the most challenging stunts herself. Her commitment to realism as well as her willingness to face difficulties through her own efforts have made her a favorite among fans and critics.

Furthermore, Saiyami's perseverance in her acting career knows no bounds. Playing the role of a paralyzed sportsperson in the film 'Ghoomar', she left no stone unturned to authentically bring out the character's struggles. The actress had her hands tied the entire time of the shoot, which was an amazing display of her absolute dedication and almost unattainable professionalism.

Saiyami Kher's triumphant journey in Bollywood serves as an inspiration to all aspiring actors and actresses, showing that real success lies in endless versatility, pushing boundaries and striving for perfection in every single endeavor.


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