Saiyami Kher Thriving on Physically and Emotionally Demanding Roles

Saiyami Kher is gaining recognition in Indian cinema for her bold and powerful roles

She enjoys taking on physically and emotionally demanding characters that push her limits as an actor

Kher is grateful for the diverse acting opportunities she has received so far

She strives to immerse herself in each character's world and appreciates when the audience sees her as different characters instead of the same person in every role

Kher's recent role as a firefighter in the film 'Agni' allowed her to perform challenging stunts herself

She demonstrated her dedication by portraying a paralyzed sportsperson in the film 'Ghoomar' with her hands tied throughout the shoot

Her journey in Bollywood serves as an inspiration to aspiring actors, showcasing the importance of versatility, pushing boundaries, and striving for perfection

Kher believes that acting is a powerful medium to convey a character's inner world and impact people's lives

She hopes her work reaches as many people as possible and appreciates when her films and characters move, teach, and inspire the audience

Kher acknowledges the impact of globalization on sports and how it has changed the way sports are consumed and experienced worldwide