SRK caused this big loss on the sets of Don 2 due to overconfidence

Shahrukh Khan played an important role in the film Don 2. Apart from this, there were many actors in the film, one of whom, British-Pakistani actor Ali Khan, narrated the story of how the film was being filmed in Berlin.

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SRK caused this big loss on the sets of Don 2 due to overconfidence
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Apart from this, there were many actors in the film, one of whom was British-Pakistani actor Ali Khan, who narrated the story of how a high-stakes car chase scene being filmed in Berlin led to a loss of crores. He said that Shahrukh was driving the car and he was sitting next to him, while cameras worth more than Rs 2.5 crore were placed on top of the vehicle. Ellie said that Shahrukh lost his focus for a few moments, which led to an accident on the sets

The camera was worth Rs 2.5 crore

The camera was worth Rs 2.5 crore

In an interview, Ellie recalled, “It was a Sunday, and we were shooting a chase scene in Berlin. Shahrukh is on the left, I am on the right, and Farhan Akhtar is hiding in the back seat so that he is not visible in the shot There are HMI lights and two big cameras on the bonnet Overall, this is a device worth around Rs 2.5 crore Obviously, this affected the balance of the car''

Shahrukh was confident

Shahrukh was confident

Ellie said that Shahrukh was very confident about his driving skills and recalled that a square kilometer was cordoned off for the shoot in Berlin, in which Priyanka Chopra walked up to his car, Shahrukh uttered the famous Don line - 'Catching the Don' Not just difficult, it's impossible' - narrated and drove away He succeeded in the first attempt and Eli tipped his hat towards him He said, "I have driven a lot in my day, but thankfully I never had anyone with me There was no major accident."

no one was hurt

When Shah Rukh Khan's 'overacting' made Don 2 co-star Alyy Khan, Farhan  Akhtar exchange concerned looks: 'Yeh toh k-k-k-Kiran kar raha hai' |  Bollywood News - The Indian ExpressThey decided to try the shot again. Priyanka moved forward, and made eye contact with Shahrukh, he said his words and walked away but this time, a stunt car, which was supposed to reverse and apply brakes, collided with them as Shahrukh slightly missed the mark. “As soon as he turned to the left, because he came late by a few seconds, the second stunt went straight at us. Immediately, Shahrukh looked at me and asked if I was okay. I said I was okay. Everyone gathered and started checking if everything was fine but there was a loss of Rs 2.5 crore as the camera was damaged and went away in a flash.”

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