Sharvari Celebrates Success of 'Munjya' and Maharashtrian Folklore

Bollywood actress Sharvari is celebrating the success of her film "Munjya" and the recognition it brings to Maharashtrian folklore

"Munjya" has earned 2004 crore in just 3 days, making it a huge hit at the box office.

Sharvari, a proud Maharashtrian herself, is delighted to see her culture being celebrated on a national level

The film's success has boosted Sharvari's confidence and she is overwhelmed by the love and appreciation she has received

Sharvari was initially unsure about how her dance number in the film would be received, but it has been enjoyed by audiences in theaters

The rising star is being hailed as the next big talent in Bollywood

"Munjya" is bringing back the cheer at the box office, according to trade experts

Sharvari's social media is flooded with love from across the country, further validating her work

The actress is grateful for the opportunity to showcase Maharashtrian folklore and hopes it will continue to be celebrated