Sherleen Dutt Criticizes Bigg Boss OTT Contestants Armaan Malik Kritika Payal

Actress Sherleen Dutt criticizes Bigg Boss OTT 3 contestants Armaan Malik, Kritika, and Payal, echoing Devoleena Bhattacharjee's condemnation of their participation

Sherleen expresses disappointment in outdated practices like multiple marriages being showcased on a widely watched show like Bigg Boss OTT, influencing the younger generation's views on relationships

She questions the impact of such content on Indian culture, emphasizing the importance of respecting women and rejecting the normalization of extramarital affairs and multiple spouses

Sherleen highlights Armaan's shift from TikTok to Instagram for content creation and questions the audience supporting and engaging with such controversial figures

She criticizes Bigg Boss for endorsing individuals promoting practices that go against traditional Indian values and family norms

Sherleen emphasizes the need for responsible entertainment content that aligns with societal values and respects women's dignity

The actress raises concerns about the influence of popular platforms in promoting questionable behaviors and values to a wide audience

Sherleen's stand reflects a growing trend of celebrities speaking out against problematic content and societal norms being perpetuated in mainstream media