Shiwani Chakraborty Remeberms Her Late Father: Forever My First Hero

Actress Shiwani Chakraborty pays tribute to her late father on Father's Day, highlighting his significant impact on her life

She reflects on the precious bond they shared, emphasizing that it cannot be expressed in words but is about feelings and emotions

Shiwani credits her father for teaching her important values such as patience, honesty, and the importance of hard work

Despite the stereotype of fathers being less expressive, Shiwani's father was different and they shared open discussions, even about boyfriends

She feels her father's presence and blessings every day, remembering him as someone who loved the gym, bodybuilding, teaching, and music

Shiwani connects with the movie Piku, which depicts a similar father-daughter bond

She concludes by expressing her love for her father and how much she misses him