Singer King Makes History: First Indian Pop Artist at Cannes

Indian pop sensation King known by his stage name King has made headlines as he is the first-ever Indian pop artist to walk the red carpet at the 77 Cannes Film Festival on its fourth day.

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Singer King Makes History First Indian Pop Artist at Cannes
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Indian pop sensation King known by his stage name King has made headlines as he is the first ever Indian pop artist to walk the red carpet at the 77 Cannes Film Festival on its fourth day. Singer King could be described as yet another significant step in establishing Indian music as a noteworthy trend as more enthusiasts emerge in the global arena. Adding a dash of elegance and sensuousness to his creations, King looked absolutely charming and royally regal in his gorgeous silk blazer by famous designer Anamika Khanna. Such an iconic event was documented by media, fans, and celebrities within and outside the United States using their cell phones and cameras. The King then stood for a brief photo shoot on the red carpet before sitting down for the main performance of the night, namely, the Kinds of Kindness. The conversation was a philosophical journey about the ability to go against what was expected and pave your route, telling the story of King’s journey to career and goal success. Expressing satisfaction over his performance in his first film, the young singer enthused, “I have enjoyed my time at Cannes. There was no question of the fact that it was not about me alone, it was about all the talent, India had got out there. When I joined Cannes, it was like a revolution, doing the stage and proving to the whole world what Indian music has got. I wanted to wear an Indian designer and feel I brought part of my country to the Cannes Fashion Week event. The material used in my dresses and the effort put into handmade signifies a level of pride in our Indian talented craftsmanship.

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King: Rising Star in Indian Pop Music Takes Cannes by Storm

With his outstanding music and spectacular live shows, King has gained a great fan following and recognition in India and internationally within only several years. His being invited to perform at Cannes remains as evidence of his talent, dedication, and the might of Indian pop music.

The talented musician King obtained international recognition and success which served as a dream come true for a whole generation. if I am to try and relate the messages and scenes of King’s Appearance at Cannes it is not only about breaking all the barriers and going forward, it was a spectacular act of performing culture. After the red carpet event, King said in an interview during the screening show of ‘Kind of Kindness,’ that It was quite inspiring"

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He said he considered it as a chance, a chance to bring onto the global stage living proof of what Indian music is and what narratives it bears.

Kings' performance in Cannes was a moment of transformation for the King as well as for India Pop as a genre. King’s desire to have carpet Walk more than the red one,  turned out to be very beneficial for those aspiring musicians in India who wanted to immerse themselves on the next level. Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites had goodwill messages and the kind of energy that could fulfill many young talents' desires. All of them shared pride in Indian music being recognized on the global platform as a testimony to the achievements made by King, which inspired many to chase big dreams of successful musical careers.

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