Somy Ali- I have trained myself to keep toxicity away!

Actress Somy Ali, known for her work in the 90s, opens up about being trolled for losing weight

She shares her experience of facing tabloid rumors about drug addiction and depression during that time

Ali highlights the shift from tabloids to social media trolls in today's world and reveals that she had to disable comments on her posts to avoid verbal abuse

She believes that trolling will never stop because people tend to be cruel to one another and lack empathy

Ali copes with trolling by rationalizing the pathetic lives of the trolls and feeling sorry for them instead of getting upset

She commends celebrities who choose not to be part of social media but acknowledges the need to stay updated and share important information

Ali emphasizes the importance of keeping toxicity away and not letting horrible people affect her

The actress has trained herself to ignore hate and focus on her own well-being