Somy Ali: We, as a society, are afraid to talk about domestic violence

Actress Somy Ali, founder of NGO No More Tears, discusses the taboo nature of discussing domestic violence and rape in society

She highlights the issue of victim-blaming and the stigma attached to it, emphasizing the need for a change in mindset

Ali shares her personal experience of witnessing victims being blamed and abusers being protected due to their fame and power

She also mentions the risks involved in protecting victims, such as facing attacks from abusers and traffickers

Ali expresses her frustration at the lack of funding for organizations helping abused individuals, compared to donations for abused animals

Reflecting on her 17-year journey with her NGO, she states that it has transformed her emotionally and shifted her priorities

She emphasizes the importance of empathy and understanding for victims, as she herself has experienced similar situations

Ali shares her belief that life should be cherished and not taken for granted, and that resilience is key to overcoming challenges