Style Guide: Ulka Gupta's Signature Saree Look gets rave reviews!

Ulka Gupta, the lead actress of Zee TV's Main Hoon Saath Tere, is receiving praise for her signature saree look on the show

She has been seen wearing beautiful printed sarees that enhance her chic and classy appearance, along with a sleek bun that complements her character's style

Ulka has mastered the art of draping sarees over the past three months and enjoys the opportunity to wear new sarees daily for her role

This is the first time Ulka is wearing sarees on-screen, and she feels comfortable and elegant in them, receiving numerous compliments for her look

Viewers can expect an interesting storyline as Aryaman's character starts developing feelings for Janvi, played by Ulka, hinting at a potential love story on the show

Fans can tune in to Main Hoon Sath Tere at 7:30 pm on Zee TV to follow the unfolding drama and chemistry between the characters

Ulka's portrayal of Janvi in her signature saree look has garnered attention and appreciation from the audience

The show's storyline is set to explore the dynamics between characters and potential romantic developments, keeping viewers engaged and intrigued