Sudheer Babu to Star in PanIndia Supernatural Mystery Thriller

Sudheer Babu, a popular Telugu actor, will star in a Pan-India supernatural mystery thriller film, set to be a groundbreaking project with impressive visual effects and a grand storyline

The film, directed by newcomer Venkat Kalyan, promises to deliver an extraordinary cinematic experience, following Sudheer Babu's success in his recent movie "Harom Hara"

Produced by Prerna Arora and others, the movie aims to release around Shivratri in March 2025 and is expected to be the biggest Pan-India release, showcasing an epic battle between good and evil energies

The team, including Sudheer Babu, is dedicated to delivering a world-class cinematic experience that resonates with the audience and leaves a lasting impact

The film will explore Indian mythology and hidden treasures, offering a unique and captivating experience for viewers

The first look of the film is scheduled to be revealed on August 15, 2024