True well-being extends beyond physical appearance: Charrul Malik

Charrul Malik, known for her role in Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain!, believes that well-being goes beyond physical appearance

She emphasizes that true well-being involves mental fitness and should not be compared to others' health or bodies

Mental well-being is crucial and blindly following influencers on social media can negatively impact mental health

Charrul suggests opting for simple homemade meals with fewer spices and processed foods to resist the influence of advertisements promoting unhealthy alternatives

She advises paying attention to the ingredients of food, especially sugar content, and avoiding excessive consumption of processed foods

Charrul recommends reading labels to verify if products match their advertised claims, as many seemingly healthy options can have negative consequences in excess

She cautions against impulsive buying of sugar-free products and suggests using alternatives like jaggery for a healthier choice

Charrul follows a regime that suits her body type and practices moderation in food consumption for a balanced and healthy lifestyle

She highlights that being slim does not equate to being healthy and emphasizes the importance of mental fitness for overall well-being

Charrul encourages staying positive, making informed choices, and avoiding blindly following trends for a healthier life