TV definitely gives you sustainability: Sayantani Ghosh

Sayantani Ghosh, who plays Vindhya Devi in the TV show Dahej Daasi, believes that working in the TV industry provides stability and a regular source of income

She sees daily soaps as a double-edged sword, with constant work being both a disadvantage and an advantage

Ghosh appreciates the financial security and sustainability that comes with being associated with a daily soap, as compared to other formats where there may be downtime between projects

After working hard for 20 years, Ghosh values comfort and creative satisfaction in her life

She emphasizes the importance of the entire team that an actor works with, including makeup artists, hair stylists, directors, co-actors, and others, who become like a family

Ghosh finds consistency in a long-running show to be a great situation because it gives her stability and avoids the exhaustion of starting over again and again

She acknowledges the uncertainty and hardships that come with each new project and appreciates the happiness that comes from being on a successful journey

Ghosh is content with her current role and show, and hopes for it to continue for many years

She values the power of a running train and the joy it brings to be part of a journey where she is happy and surrounded by a supportive team

Overall, Ghosh is grateful for the sustainability and satisfaction that the TV industry provides her