Vaquar Shaikh on Manoj Bajpayee & Prachi Desai: A Delight

Seasoned actor Vaquar Shaikh, who is currently playing Yashdeep, in the popular show Anupamaa will be seen in the second installment of the film Silence released on 16th April on Zee5.

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Vaquar Shaikh on Manoj Bajpayee & Prachi Desai A Delight
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Seasoned actor Vaquar Shaikh, who is currently playing Yashdeep, in popular show Anupamaa will be seen in the second instalment of the film Silence releasing on 16th April on Zee5. He will be portraying the same character of Inspector Raj Gupta. 

Shaikh Discusses the Role of Raj in the Crime Unit

A Delight
Talking about this development, Shaikh says, “What intrigued me about my character Raj is his portrayal as a principled and honest police officer. He's known for his ability to tackle intricate cases effectively. When the government established a special crime unit, Raj was selected based on his outstanding track record and bold approach to solving cases during his tenure. His reputation for integrity, courage, and past successes earned him a spot in this elite unit tasked with handling special cases in the city and led by ACP Avinash, portrayed by Mr. Manoj Bajpayee. It's a beautifully crafted role.” 
A Delight
He also adds, ”Working with Manoj Bajpayee is a great experience for any actor. When I was approached for "Silence One," I was captivated by its engaging storyline and well-written dialogues. Brilliantly crafted by our director writer Aban Bharucha Deohans. It falls into the murder mystery genre, and during our initial read-through, we kept guessing about the identity of the killer. The script is truly remarkable with intricately developed characters, each bringing a unique personality to the screen. The icing on the cake is the opportunity to share screen space with Manoj Bajpayee, widely regarded as one of the finest actors in the world today. What sets him apart is his openness and encouragement for improvisation. He creates a comfortable environment for actors and welcomes spontaneity. It's truly enriching to collaborate with such a seasoned and supportive actor. There's so much wisdom to gain from him. Every day was a learning experience. He consistently surprised us and guided us on how to approach our roles. His advice was simple yet profound: be truthful to your craft. Understand your character's backstory, motivations, and reactions. Just stay true to the character.”
Sharing further details about his role Vaquar says,” Raj Gupta is a part of the special crime unit. He has been collaborating with his team on solving cases. Over time, Raj has evolved to become responsible and reliable. You'll notice him taking on more tasks in "Silence Two" compared to the first installment. Working with Manoj Bajpayee and Prachi Desai is an absolute delight for me. The opportunity to work with them is a privilege and an honor. I'm truly grateful to Aban Bharucha Deohans (director) and Kiran Deohans (producer) for entrusting me with this role. Working with Prachi was similar. We instantly clicked because we come from similar backgrounds—both having worked in television. This instant connection fostered a strong friendship, which carried over from "Silence One" to "Silence Two" and strengthened our on-screen dynamics.”
Talking about the challenges on Silence 2 Shaikh says, ”Silence 1 was smooth. Silence 2 was shot during the rains. The studio was filled with water, still we were shooting. We shot for 7-8 days in heavy rains. We were not supposed to dub as we needed the sync sounds so that was also a challenge. Kiran sir made sure that we completed it on schedule with all his experience.“
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