"Every day is exciting on this show" says Pariva Pranati, who plays Vandana Wagle in Sony SAB's Wagle ki Duniya

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Pariva Pranati from Sony SAB's "Wagle Ki Duniya" gets emotional as she bears a bald look for her character dealing with breast cancer

Whether it’s managing her small business or her household, Vandana Wagle (Pariva Pranati), our boss lady, does it all! A brilliant businesswoman, a loving mother, a terrific wife and an ideal daughter-in-law, Vandana is a strong-willed woman and the glue that holds the Wagle clan together - Jyothi Venkatesh

Here's what Pariva Pranati had to say about her character and working with the Wagle ki Duniya team:


1. What do you look forward to the most while coming to shoot every day?

Our set has a positive vibe to it and working with the rest of the crew is like being in a happy place. Every day and every shoot becomes more interesting and exciting because of the stories we explore.

It feels like a blessing to be a part of Wagle Ki Duniya and to work with the team. Every day, I look forward to meeting the entire team.

2. Tell us what makes Vandana different from regular soap opera wives?

Vandana is a very relatable character who embodies the personalities of all wives. She has flaws, but she makes an effort to grow and learn.

Vandana is strong but still has her weak moments. She has an element of surprise about her, which I find appealing.


3. How has your equation developed with your fellow cast members?

Our team is full of people who are enthusiastic and all of us have a lot of fun. We sing, we laugh, we dance, and we shoot like crazy.

From our producer and director to the actors and the rest of the crew, our team exudes a positive energy. I consider myself fortunate to work in a place where there is never a dull moment.

4. We have heard about your bond with Chinmayee and the fact that she looks up to you as a big sister. Any thoughts about that?

Chinmayee and I hit it off right away because we have a lot of things in common. We both have a strong familial foundation, we're both happy individuals, and she has an infectious energy.

We've formed such a strong bond that we can read each other's minds and understand each other's emotions without saying much.


5. Any track that you are particularly proud of in Wagle Ki Duniya?

There are many tracks that I’m fond of, but if I have to pick one, it would be the “good touch, bad touch” episode and the episode on menstruation.

These are the two topics I believe we as a society need to understand properly without prejudice and I believe we have conveyed to the audience beautifully and spread awareness.

Other than this many such stories we have explored that subtly put forth messages that need to be spoken about and I and the team feel proud about.


6. Since you are a mother in real life too, how does it feel to be a reel life mother to two teenage kids? Are there any parenting lessons you have picked up?

To me, the Wagle family is akin to a second family. My relationship with the kids on the show is very friendly, and we enjoy hanging out and spending time together.

Yes, Wagle teaches us a lot as parents about patience and perseverance. It has taught me the value of having faith in our children and allowing them to make mistakes while providing them with the guidance they require.


7. How do you think the show is impacting the audience?

The audience has been extremely supportive. Our viewers continue to give us positive feedback.

Many of them tell us that our show has taught them a lot, and they make sure that their children watch it as well. Many people also send us ideas for topics to cover in future episodes.

Receiving such a positive response and having such interactions with the audience gives us the motivation to work harder.

8. Any message for your fans?

Thank you for showering Wagle ki Duniya with so much love! We are all extremely grateful to all of you. We are here because of your love and attention. Continue to show your love and blessings by supporting us. Stay healthy, stay happy and be safe!

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