“Every Day When I Wake Up, It’s A Birthday For Me,” Insists Legendary Star Singer And Eminent Restaurateur Asha Bhosle Who Will Celebrate Her 86th B’Day Tonight In Dubai.

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Iconic melody-queen-and famous-international restaurateur Asha Bhosle will bring in her  86th birthday  (on Sept 8th)  tonight at her favourite haunt. “I’ll be enjoying cooking up a storm for dinner at “Asha’s” restaurant in Wafi, Dubai on 7th September  Catch me if you can...”, is what ‘ageless’ B’Day-girl Asha-tai has declared in the social media..  Known for her ardent passion for both singing and cooking, ( gaana-aur-khaana) the effervescent Asha-tai loves to experiment and defy conventions.  “If there are no creative challenges in life, it would be so dull and routine, ”Asha-tai had once said to me in. The energetic versatile singer ( over 20000 songs in some 21 languages ! ) Asha has her own interesting ‘take’ on birthdays.. “Every day when I wake up, it’s a birthday for me. No one knows what may happen during the night. Therefore, I try to spend each day differently, keep myself active and do good deeds. Every day is a birthday for me.” About legendary elder sister Lata Mangeshkar, she reacted, “Lata didi’s blessings are the biggest gift for me. The supreme songstress continued, " I have spent 75 years in my career .I started my musical  journey overcoming the rugged rocks and slippery surfaces but like a flowing stream. I have never complained in my life, never cried in the open. Nobody has seen my tears, everybody has seen me only smiling.Whenever I felt like crying, I used to sob, standing under the sprinkling shower . All along it was only my loyal fans, the janata who supported me unconditionally. At heart, I am just like any common-woman when I mingle with my Chefs in my restaurant’s kitchens or go for shopping to  nearby open markets, “she elaborated”.  The outspoken ‘Padma Vibhushan’ Asha-tai feels that  sometimes, it’s unfair, that only the song composers get the entire credit. “It’s a classic trio-tridev-combination of the lyricist-composer-and the  legendary-retro-singers, who in turn make the songs immortal.”

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