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Ali Peter John

Since the time “Gulaabo Sitaabo ” has been released on Amazon Prime Time, there is no stopping the divergent views on the film and the powerful performance of Amitabh Bachchan as an old man facing all kinds of problems , but the biggest surprise in the film about which everyone is unanimous about is the natural and outstanding performance of the eighty- six year old actress, Farrukh Jaffar,who plays the octogenarian Amitabh’s (Mirza)wife in the film. It was certainly no easy feat for the actress to face a formidable actor like Amitabh, but she has shown her calibre as one who was born to play difficult roles and make them look so very easy .

I will not be wrong if I say that she is the first octogenarian actress who make such a strong impact in a film which has proven performers like Amitabh, Ayushman Khurrana and Vijay Raaz.

Farrukh Jaffar is however not a very new name for those who have been watching quality films.The talented woman who had started for career when Vividh Bharati had started was destined to play important roles in films,even if it was to be a little late in her life .

Farrukh Jaffar got her first major break when Muzaffar Ali discovered her and signed her to play Rekha’s mother in “Umrao Jaan” and her performance was appreciated by one and all and this appreciation led to her finding opportunities to play key roles in films like “Swades”,”Peepli Live “,”Sultan”, “Secret Superstar “and other important films, besides some good TV serials and all this when she was only in her early eighties.

The eighty-six year old actress is already a household name but I am sure that she will find a place in millions of hearts all over the world now. She has already been signed to play a leading role in Baba Azmi’s new film to go on the floors soon and two other films …..

At eighty- six ,any other woman or (man )would be lying in bed or sitting in a rocking chair and singing lullabys to her grandchildren
and great grandchildren, but she is no ordinary woman.She is know looking forward to a better future with many more challenges to face, fight and conquer.
Chale Chalo, Ammaji ,abhi toh aap jawaan hai or aapko kitne saare aasmaan chhoone baaki hai.