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Exclusive interview of Actor Abhishekh Khan for Project 9191

1) What is your latest Sony Liv’s web series Project 9191 all about? 
Project 9191 is a crime thriller based on Public surveillance. The core idea is to stop crimes before it happens.
Sounds like Minority Report or maybe like Person of interest, but it’s no where related to any of those. It’s real, relevant & binge-worthy.
2) Before this you had played the role of Nusrat Marri in Bard of Blood. What changes and transformations you had to go through to get fit in the role of Johnny (Project 9191)
I’m not fond of bragging about prepping for a certain character. With time, I realised losing weight or getting tanned or doing anything specific to get into the character isn’t really something to garner attention for/from. It’s our job to look like the character & act & that’s it.
Also Bard of Blood ended in March 2019 & Johnny happened to me in 2020 September. I was back to normal me by the time I got Johnny.
So no changes as such. But to answer your question, I had nothing specific in my mind. I just wanted to keep Johnny as simple as possible. Away from all the clichés.
3) How essential is Johnny in the plot of Project 9191?
Johnny is one of the most important characters of the series. He’s basically the show-runner of Unit 9191 & without Johnny, the technical aspect will go down & the team will be clueless.
Also his relationship with Sharad & Amitabh turns out to be very complicated in the later half of the show & that’s very interesting to witness as an audience.
4) In the web series Project 9191 if you get an opportunity to play any role other than Johnny, which role would it be?
I would still choose Johnny over everyone. Because I don’t fit well for any other character in the show. Also not being diplomatic, but everyone on the show has done an excellent job, so I can’t even imagine myself playing any of them.
5) Coming from a theatre background, did you face any difficulties during your first project/shoot in this industry?
– No. Not at all. Instead it helps you understand things better. I didn’t do anything path-breaking while I was doing theatres in the past, but it did help me as an actor. Theatre was an enriching experience for me as an individual.
6) What is the one thing that you love about films and one thing you that you love about theatre? 
There’s plenty to love when it comes to films & theatres. Film sets are always fun to be on.
A different world altogether. With theatres, the stage, the lights, the audience etc. It’s very fascinating & magical. Both mediums are very special for an artist.
7) Do you think slowly web series is overtaking cinema and TV?
No. But the numbers have increased mainly because of the pandemic. Once the theatres reopens, they will gradually become our first mode of entertainment.
Nothing can replace the film theatre experience. Tv, on the other hand is a huge industry, irreplaceable for now.
8) How did you spend your time during the lockdown? 
Cinema. I love watching films. I saw more than 150 films easily in the lockdown period. I was watching atleast 2 films everyday.
Lockdown gave me the freedom to explore cinema. I’m very fond of Malayalam films now & thanks to the lockdown.
9) The industry has lost so many legendary actors in the last one year. Anything you would like to comment on this huge lose? .
Devastating. It hurts. I won’t take names as there are so many of them. All were such prolific artists & humans.
But I believe we will always have them around us through their films, music, interviews etc.
An artist never dies. The aura always lives.
And so we will keep them alive in our hearts. I wish & pray their soul rest in peace.
10) What’s next in the list for you?
For now, I can’t reveal anything. It’s still in the process. But there’s an English music video, that I shot for, that should be out soon.
And I make music too & recently released a new track – Far. It’s available on Spotify, apple music etc.