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Facebook Confirms Priyanka Raina As Official Celebrity !! 


We are all aware of a Brilliant movie given by Aamir Khan as “Secret Superstar” ; and here meet Real life Secret Superstar Priyanka Raina who made her journey by Directing contented Short films on You tube- Which also hit with Millions of views getting Viral. Recently Priyanka Raina s facebook page is confirmed and verified as Official celebrity account.

Short films Zindagi ; Directed by Priyanka Raina went viral crossing beyond expectations with 44 Million Hits on you tube. Zindagi features Veteran Bollywood Actress Sahila Chaddha, Yuvraaj Parashar in lead roles. The Story is written by Kapil Sharma

And till date  Priyanka Raina has directed more then 15 short films;  making her own path as Real life Secret Superstar. Lets us guess as Hum hain rahi pyaar ke was her first watched favorite film in childhood. On this Priyanka Raina replies; “I always respect and salute Aamir Khan films as his films are not just films but define Cinema with a message to society”

Further Priyanka Raina adds ; “Also would like to Freshers who come to Mumbai and waste their time in Auditions line; that now a days when world is Digital – You can stay at your homes in your city and make Short films”

“Why be a Beggar when your have the World s biggest Digital platform which is You Tube. And Film festivals are yours to prove”

Well to say , Best Wishes to Priyanka Raina and we look forward you to Direct a Feature films soon . Do like her page and spread Love.

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