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Faisal Khan Continues Shooting Despite Injury


Jyothi Venkatesh

Faisal Khan who has recently entered Chandragupta Maurya had an injury before he started shooting for the show.  While rehearsing for one his shows, Faisal, not to be confused with the younger brother of Aamir Khan also names Faisal Khan, slammed his heel while doing a trick in the dance and hence damaged his ligaments.  Our source informs us, “He had a grade 2 tear and hence is in constant need of physio therapy.  In fact Faisal was supposed to travel to Indonesia which too had to be cancelled along with other travel commitments.”  The makers of his current show, Swastik Productions, too accommodated the actor by delaying his entry by a few days and have made sure that the actor is being given ample rest between shots and not being asked to do anything too heavy so that he can recover as quickly as possible!  When we reached out to Faisal he confirmed, “Yes its unfortunate and I am in a lot of pain.  However, I am trying my best to fulfill my commitments and continue working.  I am being taken care of well on sets and with the physio I am hoping that I am back running and dancing very soon!”

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