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Family time for Munisha Khatwani this birthday!

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Jyothi venkatesh : Celebrity tarot card reader Munisha Khatwani will soon turn a year older and plans to celebrate the day with her family and close friends. The actor says that this is the first time she will celebrate her birthday with her fiancé Sameer Thakur which is what makes this year special. “I’m mostly celebrating it with Sameer, my family and very close friends. We will have dinner or a get together. There are no major party plans. This is my first birthday with my fiance, so I am very excited as this birthday is special for me and him,” she says.

Munisha Khatwani

For Munisha, turning older is not a big deal. “I definitely feel that age is just a number. I’m usually very excited for my birthday. The last two birthdays, I was not in the country. Last year, I had a big bash for all my TV friends but now since I’m getting married shortly I prefer to have my big bash around my wedding time. But definitely, age is just a number for me and I feel as young as I felt last year or the year before last,” she says.

Munisha Khatwani

However, with every year, she learns a lot, says Munisha. “The kind of maturity that I have gained over the years is incredible. I have learned to react less to things and I think I have learned to live and let live. I believe in people just being happy in their own space. I have also understood that it is important to do things that make you happy,” she says.

Talking about her favorite birthday memory, Munisha says, “Any birthday which was spent with my godfather is precious to me. My birthday parties were thrown by him. He died 17 years ago but every birthday which was spent with him in my childhood was special.”

And will she be gifting herself anything this year? “I would like to give myself a nice piece of jewelry or a nice watch or something that I can keep as a permanent memory. I am very fond of watches and jewelry,” she says.

As for birthday rituals, she likes to keep them simple. “I like to cut a cake, no matter, what because I think that signifies that it’s your birthday. I like to celebrate the day with people who matter,” she says.

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