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Jyothi Venkatesh

Fandrum is India’s first fan-tech platform designed to bridge the gap between celebrities and fans. Since we live in a world of ‘Fandrum”and as we are a platform for fans, it is our endeavour to see that fans are able to meet their favourite characters, stars and the creators (directors,producers, hair and make-up stylists, designers, etc.)behind them. Due to the unprecedented Lockdown, Mirzapur has been on a low key and since talks of Season 2 have begun and the excitement is increasing, we decided to go live with them!!! Fans will be fans, always seeking answers to varied questions.

At Fandrum,one of our key features is to strive to answer questions related to their queries! The current question that is doing the rounds is when will Season 2 of Mirzapur Release? And what should one expect in the second season of Mirzapur? We are going to try our best to get some inside deets!Having missed Mirzapur, fans will get a chance to be interactive virtually with “Director Gurmmeet Singh, and Divyenndu AKA ‘Munna Bhaiya’” on how they’ve been coping with the lockdown, what have they been doing? Their upcoming projects and last but not the least. How excited are they for Season 2 of Mirzapur!

On our live chat, fans will get a chance to ask questions that have been plaguing them since they saw Season 1, besides the excitement seeing the characters after a long period have triggered their questions multi-fold. Mirzapur has also gained a new set of lockdown fans who are eagerly waiting for all to unveil. (Our live chat & Mirzapur season 2)This is an opportunity to chat with Munna Tripathi in real avatar. Dive deep into why Munna does what he does. Is he as menacing as we see him on screen or is there a softer side to Munna.Similarly, we will ask Guru how he envisioned the entire story and his experience directing this masterpiece!

Host for the Live Chat: Rhonesia Dsouza

Celebrities Going Live: Director Gurmmeet Singh, and Divyenndu AKA ‘Munna Bhaiya’

DO NOT MISS OUTon the fun candid chat with Director Gurmmeet Singh, and Divyenndu AKA ‘Munna Bhaiya’. Make sure to tune in Liveon our Instagram page @Fandrumofficial at 7.30pm today 3rd July 2020.

 The link to our page is below:

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