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Fans Go Ga-Ga Over Amit’s New Look

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Jyothi Venkatesh: Actor-producer Amit Sarin has recently gone for a clean shave look and we are impressed! We seem to agree with people close to him who urged him to shave his beard. “I think after a long time, over 3 years, I shaved.

Actually, Peter, my manager and partner, saw footage of my shows online and insisted that I shave. He said very few can carry both a stubble and a clean shave look and I was one of them. Well, after the shave, he just jumped up and said fantastic! And he was absolutely right.

Fans Go Ga-Ga Over Amit’s New Look

He said my director Dwight Little of my first Hollywood project Tiger Heart might faint to see me in the new clean-shaven look.I agree with Peter and I think I can carry both a stubble/ beard and a clean shave look.”The actor-producer has been getting a great response. “Actually, it’s over 1.5 years since I’m in LA and this is the very first time that people who I know are seeing me in a clean shave look. They are really liking it. The biggest compliment came was from my wife Vineesha. She told me that I reminded her of Kkusum days,” he says.

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