Fans Make You Who You Are, Say TV Actors

Fans make you who you are, say TV actor. Be it showering their love on the actor or following their careers, fans have always meant so much

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Fans Make You Who You Are, Say TV Actors

Fans make you who you are, say TV actor. Be it showering their love on the actor or following their careers, fans have always meant so much to a celeb. Here is what TV actors tell JYOTHI VENKATESH about their fans

Shirin SewaniShirin Sewani

My fans are my strength. They motivate me to give me best. I was in Hong Kong with my family, one old sardar ji came to me, calling me Jasmeet which was my character name in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. He told me that they lived there but used to follow Indian shows. We clicked pictures and even had a small chat. He invited me to his place but unfortunately, I couldn't go as I had other plans. But that sweet gesture really touched my heart.  I love my fans and I am thankful to them for loving me so much.

Rahuol Lohani

Rahuol Lohani  I think as an actor the biggest thing you get is your fans. The kind of love and affection and the way they follow you, aspires us to become an actor. That is something which we are longing for as an actor because if you don't have all these things, I don't feel anybody would want to be an actor. Success is not measured by how much money are you making, success is known by how many people know you, love you and follow you. Now because of social media you get to know the way people react, earlier when there was no social media, we used to not have idea about how many fans we have or how famous are we. People used to do theatre so that they get instant reaction for their performance but now you work on any platform you will get instant reaction through social media.

Gaurav Sharma

Gaurav Sharma I was shooting in Kawardha, Chhatisgarh and this little girl of 9-10 years had come with her parents. Her one hand was plastered and she came all the way from Nagpur covering a great distance just to say hi and click a picture with me. I was so overwhelmed that I sat with her for 2 hours and spoke to her and to my surprise she had every information about me. When I asked her how she got hurt on her right hand, she said she fell down on the stairs while leaving for Raipur.

Rahul Sharma

Rahul Sharma I had a fan who was a girl from China called Lee. She had come to visit Kaal Bhairavs set around October. She visited the set and went back. After 3 months, she asked me that the show is about to end so where would I be going or shooting. We were shooting in Maheshwar and I told her about this a few days before. So she arranged her tickets and all and came to Maheshwar directly. She stayed there for 5-6 days and went, she had to go to Aurangabad and when she got to know that we are shooting at a temple, she came back to Maheshwar and stayed back there the whole night and then she told me that she wanted to see the shoot in the temple. Recently, I had gone to Kanpur for shooting a short film and she had plans to visit South India. But she got to know that I am going Kanpur and she cancelled her trip to South India and came to Kanpur and stayed there for 6 days. She used to come to shoot with me, click photos and everything. She was actually roaming like a unit’s member with us. She even had given me a birthday gift in which there was a painting of me as Vishnu. She has even made a calendar. So this is a crazy experience which I remember

Helly Shah

Helly Shah

Once I was eating food at a restaurant. A fan came up to me and insisted for a pic. I complied. Then I sat for eating again. The fan brought full family of 6 sitting on another table to click pics with me. I, out of courtesy, consented then a family of four from another table came asking for the same. It was really a crazy scenario.

Sahil Anand

Sahil Anand If fans are not there, I am not there. I get to know about my growth through my fans, so fans play a very important role in my life. I just wish they remain forever so that I get to know them and I can improve my acting and do justice to their love.My crazy fan experience has been in Chandigarh where my fans used to stand outside my house gate for hours just to see if I am coming out of the house so that they could click a picture. I saw that on my house CCTV camera. Initially, I did not know why they were standing but later I realised that they are waiting for me. So I went out and met them. They were probably waiting for 6-7 hours.

Shubhaavi Choksey

Shubhaavi Choksey I guess I have not had a crazy experience but a very overwhelming one. I was in London, with my husband and our three-year-old son, we were about to get in a cab and I saw someone running and coming towards me. A girl came and stopped me, asked me if I was Meera from Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. I was completely shocked out of my wits as that was literally a decade ago and on top of that, I hadn’t worked in TV for a good 5 years or more. She said she loved my acting despite me playing a negative role on that show. She  further went on to say that I should get back soon as her mother and she would love to see me back on screen. Later, I learned that she was a Pakistani living in London. I was filled with gratitude that day. In spite of not being seen for so many years, people still remember and appreciate me in my debut show.

Shashank Vyas 

Shashank VyasOnce I went to Shirdi and I met a man there who was my fan. He really got excited about seeing me. In fact, he was so happy meeting me that he told me, 'I am okay even if I don't get darshan now as I met you'. It made me feel really great as I never expected someone to say that too me. It was not a crazy experience but a good and memorable one.

Rohitash V Gour

Rohitash Gour I have come from a small city and now I am working in the industry. When your work becomes a hit, it makes a good fan base and makes them connected to you. It makes us feel that we have done such great work in the form of acting that so many fans are connecting to us. Yes, fan following keeps you motivated and gives you a kick to perform better each and every day. Now I think my fans are loving my character of Manmohan Tiwari and I expect that they will shower the same love to any other characters I play in the future too. Fans make me realise that I have such talent that makes me different from others and it also arouses respect for the work I have done. So, my fans play a very important role in my life and I love my fans.

Ssharad Malhotra

Ssharad MalhotraThe most interesting fan experience is when a cute little fan came to the sets to see me. She was 8 years old and she came with her mother. And I got to know that to make her eat the food her Mom plays my video and then she eats the food. So, it’s great to receive such love from them. It's great when you have such fans. Their adulation motivates us to work and they always give us a kick to perform in the best possible manner. So, fans are really important for me and so what I am today is because of my fans.

Mohammad Nazim

Mohammad Nazim

The most interesting fan experience is when some fans of my character Ahem Modi from Saath Nibhana Sathiya came to the sets to meet me. They were very happy to see me and they clicked a lot of selfies. One fan also asked me to write my name on her hand too. The most interesting thing was they brought a beautiful gift for me. It’s amazing to receive such adulation from the fans. It always gives me a kick to perform better and better. They are very important as it is them who make us stars and without them, we are nothing.

Anupama Solanki

Anupama Solanki For me, fans mean a lot. They teach you lots of things in life. Sometimes they accept you and like you as an actor and sometimes they don't which helps us in getting feedback of what we can do better. There was one crazy fan who always used to call me on Facebook all the time which I found a bit crazy.

Subuhi Joshi

subuhi joshi

Well, isn’t it amazing to have fans? Tell me one person who wouldn’t like to have few fans out there and honestly fans are the ones who make us whatever we are. I really respect and love all my fans out there, when someone says I’ve been your fan, that feeling is inexplicable. I get to meet a lot of fans fortunately because I do a lot of live shows as a DJ. I remember one time I had a show in a club in Delhi and I met this guy there who had a tattoo of my name on his sleeve. I was so flattered. I took a picture of his tattoo and instantly posted on my social media.

Kinshuk Vaidya 

Kinshuk Vaidya (

Fans are very important to me. I get a lot of love from them so I try and maintain the rapport with them by connecting with them on social media, through Instagram or Facebook. They are the ones who appreciate our work, they are our audience, so they are very dear and important to us. When we had wrapped up Ek Rishta Saajhedari Ka, we had invited 100 fans for the last episode screening of the show. At that time, there were fans who came from Uttarakhand, Kolkata etc. They just flew and came to see the show with us that too at their own expense. I feel that was really crazy of them coming all the way to Mumbai.

Tinaa Dattaa 

Tinaa Datta

Fans are the most important part of an actor’s life. We are here because of our fans. Fans give us all that love and make us a star. So, I feel they are really important to me and I love all my fans a lot. One fan sent me 10 red roses for 10 days and on the 10th day, he sent a letter written in blood.

Jasmin Bhasin

Jasmin BhasinI remember I used to stay in Versova and there was a news story in which my address was flashed. So one day when I went home and saw that it was full of gifts, flowers and chocolates. I asked my maid where it all came from and she told me that my cousin bought it. I told her that none of my cousins had come home. Then I checked the camera that I had at home and I got to know that a fan who had come specially from Gujarat had got it. She came to my house and lied to my maid that she is my cousin. She had lunch and literally spend the day with my maid and dog and then she left. I feel that has been the craziest but also sweetest fan experience for me.

Shehzad Shaikh

shehzad shaikh Fans are basically fuel to the fire for any actor or an artist and that is exactly what they are to me. Once I was going back from an award function, that was the first time I performed live. It was really crowded and while we were getting on and off the stage, it was the first time I got mobbed by around 200 people there. They got violent, they got agitated and started screaming. Then a line of bodyguards came and pushed them back and asked me to run. So that was one of the craziest fan experience.

Yesha Rughani

yesha rughani

Fans are Family, ‘Fan-mily’! I say so because family gives you strength, love and unconditional support, and so does the fan-mily. They give life to the character we play, as they live the character as much as we live them. They are such an integral part of my life and while I haven’t even met them in person, they make me feel so blessed. The virtual hugs, virtual pat on the shoulders and the virtual blessings from them are too precious. It’s like a can of energy drink while I run my marathon. Greatly grateful to have an extended family which empowers me!

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