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Fans Pour Thier Hearts Out For Rashmi Jha


With a lot of twists and turns the season 2 of MTV Ace Of Space has brought for its viewers a lot of surprises as it is edging towards the finale. The show is at its finale week and it is like a do or die situation for the houseguests. People ultimately want to win the title of AOS 2.

Rashmi Jha whom the viewers have witnessed conducting herself in a dignified manner has won a lot of hearts.  She sacrificed all her clothes, make-up and shoes and voted for Baseer Ali to make him win the task. Despite that Baseer abused her, she voted for him because Rashmi’s mother who had come to the show last week had told her that she liked Baseer as a contestant.

However, as they say, doing good might not always get reciprocated back. The same happened with Rashmi. However, viewers and Rashmi’s fans who witnessed the entire drama unfold on their television screens know the facts of the story. They for sure will keep this in mind while casting their valuable vote next time.

The voting lines are open, keeping Rashmi’s journey in mind it is time for the fans and viewers to give maximum votes to Rashmi and make  ‘The Gamer’ of the show win the finale.

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