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Farida Dadi Enters Sony SAB’s Jijaji Chhat Per Hain


Sony SAB’s JijajiChhat per Hain, with its exciting storyline and extremely lovable characters, is set to bring for its viewers an interesting twist with the entry of another adorable character, Amma.

Amma, who is Murari’s (AnupUpadhyay) mother, is a total package of naughtiness, irritation, strong headedness and wants things to be done her way. Murari, being terribly scared of his mother, makes sure all her things are in place before she comes. On the other hand, Karuna (Soma Rathod) is scared of Amma’s slap and thus, hides her face when Amma is around. However, being really fond of Elaichi, Amma is about to bring some captivating twists and turns in her life.

Sharing more about her role, Farida Daadi said,“I am really excited to be associated with Sony SAB once again. Sony SAB has always been my first preference and this is my fourth show with the channel. My role in this is of Murari’s mother, Amma and I was really excited when approached for this role as she is going to be the turning point of the show. A lot of things are going to change here after and the audience is going to have a lot of fun witnessing the same. This role is an interesting one for me as I was supposed to speak in proper “Delhi Accent” which is different for me. I am enjoying being a part of the JijajiChhat per Hain team as everyone is really supportive and hard working.”

For more, keep watching Jijaji Chhat Per Hain, Monday to Friday at 9:30 PM only on Sony SAB

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