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Farnaz Shetty looks stunning in her latest photos


Keen on experimenting with new styles, Farnaz Shetty decided to get a photo shoot done.

The result has been no less than stunning. From showcasing her inner diva to mirroring her sweet nature, the images define the actor’s myriad emotions Jyothi venkatesh

“I’m currently in a happy state of mind and probably that’s reflecting in my pictures” Farnaz Shetty

I was looking forward to this shoot and was well prepared for the kind of pictures I wanted.

We had so much fun doing this shoot and my photographer was like ‘you’re looking like a bride’ (laughs softly) I think I am good at posing, kind of developed it over a period of time,” says the actor, known for TV shows such as Balika Vadhu, Ek Veer Ki Ardaas…Veera, Waaris and Laal Ishq.

While Shetty prefers comfort over everything else, she is particular about what she wears. She understands an actor needs to look presentable when in public.

“It’s definitely important to look good. Every actor works hard on how he or she look, the kind of clothes he or she wears and works on their physical fitness.

Shetty says now she knows that for an actor both talent and looks matter

As they say a pleasant looking face gets half the job done. Some are born beautiful, some need to groom themselves.

But what matters more is how present or carry yourself. You need to be happy within, be kind and giving, to look beautiful without,” she adds.

Shetty says now she knows that for an actor both talent and looks matter.

“It has always been this way. For the longest I have believed that look doesn’t matter, if you’re a good actor because of the theatre culture I had in me.

But slowly I have understood how much importance is given to how an actor looks or presents himself/herself. There’s hardly anybody who doesn’t want to see a pretty face,” she concludes.

More Photos of Farnaz From Her Shoot: