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Father’s Day: Tv Actors Tell What They Have Learned From Their Dads

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Samir Soni

Samir SoniMy father’s name is Raghbir Soni. My dad passed away 3 years back. He was an honest hard working man from a small town near Shimla. He always taught me 4 things. Work hard, be a good human being, always respect women and the word “impossible” doesn’t exist. And till date, I follow that advise.

Ira Sone

Ira Sone

Father’s Day is a very emotional day for me since I lost my dad, Jitendra Soni,  in my teens and I was very close to him. I am whatever I am because of my parents and my dad has been the biggest reason which I value my relationships in life and express my love on a daily basis to my family and friends. One of the many things he taught me was to be brave and stand by my choices and live a life that makes me happy, be honest with the ones who love me unconditionally and accept me just the way I am. The way a father expresses his love shapes a daughters relationships in life and this Father’s Day let’s not hesitate to shower our love to dearest daddy.

Ansh Bagri

Ansh Bagri

My father’s name is late Mr. Omkar Singh Bagri. I really miss him and he is one of the main reasons behind me becoming an actor today. Whenever I see myself on TV, I miss him. There are many things about my dad which I remember, he was crazy about his work and was very hardworking. One thing which he always used to say is that we should always work hard and should never take a step back and neither give up. Also, he said that we should never expect too much, we should just think that every day is a new day and we have to work hard. So these things which he told me, inspires me every day to work hard. Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers.

Shubhaavi Choksey

Shubhaavi ChokseyMy father’s name is Krishnappa Kadandale. One advice given by him which I follow till date is, to be honest to yourself. There are three things which I follow which are- you should always do the right thing, be happy and make others happy. He was very righteous about things. I lost myfather before coming into the TV industry when I was around 22 years old before I started Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. When I was pregnant, Deepak Bhayani who is Deepak Bhai for me, who is actually my husband’s family friend, was there for me and he has been like a father to me for the last 8-9 years. He is my father figure and I am going to celebrate with him and the family which I have earned all thanks to him, his wife, daughter, and son. If I am not shooting than most probably, I am going to celebrate Father’s Day with him and Sana who is like my sister. What he normally does is that he takes his daughters out and gives them a treat and gifts, so that’s the kind of father which I have for the last 8-9 years and he is very special to me.

Rajesh Kumar

Rajesh Kumar

My father’s name is Shivanand Prasad Singh. My father always wanted that I try my hand at agriculture and I took his advice seriously. He wanted me to change my profession but I have not changed it completely. Rather, I have added one more profession. This time on Father’s Day we won’t be together because he is in Bihar and I am in Mumbai. So there is no special celebration but I think that whatever small achievements I have would make him happy on this day.

 Angad Hasija

Angad HasijaWhen I was in 12th my father passed away, I miss him a lot. Everyone tells me that I have a lot of manners and etiquette and that I always address others with ‘Aap’ even to the people who are younger to me. So somewhere or the other I have inherited this thing from my father as I always used to see him addressing everyone with ‘Aap’ even to the servants. So these little things I have learned from him. He even respected women a lot. Since I was very young, I didn’t get a lot of time to spend with him but whenever I see someone else bonding with their fathers I really miss him a lot. He passed away when I was very young so I only remember his face. I really wished that he would have been there so I could have celebratedfather’s day with him. But I know somehow he is always there with me and will always be there.

 Nishant Malkani

Deepak Malkani. - Nishant Malkhani_compressed

My father’s name is Deepak Malkani.   One advice I got from him was that whatever you want to do in life, do it. Just make sure that you strive to be the best in that profession..that is what gave me the courage to leave my promising set management career and join the world of arts and media. I strive to be the best each day thanks to his advice. This year I’ve booked my parents to visit me first in Mumbai and then giving them a luxurious stay in Goa so they can both spend some time with each other away from home and daily responsibilities. It’s my way of thanking them for being such great parents.

Krishna Bharadwaj

Krishna Bharadwaj -Dr. Aniket Bharadwaj_compressed

My father’s name is Dr. Aniket Bharadwaj .Whatever little acting I know is only because of my dad, as he himself is an actor, writer n director based in Ranchi. Being a Ph.D. in Hindi, my training of shuddh Hindi started in my childhood only. That’s how I’m able to pull off a character like Tenali Rama well, where I’ve to speak in shuddh Hindi language. So there’s no one advice but a whole lot of acting mantras he has given me which will help me all my life in my acting career. I’ll be away from him this father’s day as I’ll be shooting in Mumbai but I’m going to send him a lot of gifts.

Rehaan Roy

Rehaan Roy-Rabin Roy_compressed

My father’s full name is Rabin Roy.My father is not just my best friend, but also someone whom I can go up to and ask for any kind of advice or a suggestion. The best thing that I learned from my father is to stay real and stay honest to yourself. The world will speak about you irrespective of you doing good or bad. But staying real to yourself will always lead you to success. I honestly don’t believe in celebrating Father’s Day on one day. I stay far from home. So I can’t meet him very often. But I make sure I speak with him every day. Not only on this particular day, but I also try to make him feel the best every day. He is my motivation and will always stay the same forever.

Gaurav Sharma

Gaurav Sharma lean look_compressed

My father’s name is Maghvendra Sharma. The first and the most important advice My father gave me was ‘Never work for money work for respect money will follow’.I’m planning a family trip to Uttrakhand. My father loves traveling. And we ‘ll be taking a road trip which covers scenic places like Haridwar, Hrishikesh too.

Rahul Sharma

Shri Mahesh Kumar Sharma-Rahul Sharma_compressed

 My father’s name is Mahesh Kumar Sharma.He is the only idol in my life and the advice which I have received from him is ‘Karmath Bano Karmat Nahi’, he believed that hardwork is everything,  give your 100% and do it,  god will definitely help you. You don’t have to just say please help me,  you do your work, concentrate on it,  believe in it and it will happen definitely and I follow his advice till date.My parents are in town and I am planning a trip with them somewhere nearby,  to some hill station or something. So I have planned to have a good time with my family. Maybe I will give a surprise gift to my father a watch or something. Cutting a cake and gifting him which will surprise him because he is not at all aware of fathersday, so I will tell him that day and I am sure when he gets to know about it he will be very happy.

Rahuol Lohani  

Kewalanand Lohani-Rahuol Lohani_compressed

My father’s name is Kewalanand Lohani. To be very honest my father is filled with a bag of advice’s and in spite of not getting that kind of fame or mileage which I could have got, my father handled those situations very nicely. My father believes in meditation and he has not just followed Osho but has followed many other people too. He always says that a person can be right or wrong but teaching can’t, so whenever you tell something to somebody or somebody tells something to you, it depends on you as to how do you take that advice. I used to see him meditating for hours so I started meditations, and I believe in it a lot. Today’s generation genuinely needs meditation because the stress level has increased in terms of studies, in careers as well as in day to day challenges and the only thing which can save them is meditation. He used to tell me that we should always pass good things to our kids as when a bird’s child starts to fly the bird never looks back to see what will happen. So you have to be independent because when you realize that you are independent you don’t look back to see that your parents are there to help you or not. He taught me that we have to accept everything and every challenge of life and to make oneself strong to handle the situations alone. I follow his lessons till now and today there’s no success which takes me higher and no failure that can beat me. For me, everything is momentary, if something is there today than it would not be there tomorrow.My father stays in Ghaziabad so I won’t be able to go there as he is traveling right now.  He sends me bouquets and cakes and videos of how they celebrate. On his birthday we gifted him a scooty which we planned very well as I involved my chacha and it was a big surprise for him and he was very happy to see how we planned and arranged all the things. This time there’s no surprise as such as he will not be here as he is traveling so I would just call him and wish him.

Helly Shah

Gautam C. Shah-Helly Shah_compressed

My father’s name is Gautam C. Shah. There are a lot of things which I have learned from him and the things which I have learned will always be there with me. One is punctuality, I have always taken that effort of being punctual always. He has always advised me how to use money in the right way and not randomly waste it. He made me understand the importance of education and it’s role in our lives.It’s not going to be a great kind of celebration because he stays in Ahmedabad so I would send him something.

Tinaa Dattaa

Tinaa Dattaa-Tapan Kumar Datta (2)_compressed

My father’s name is Tapan Kumar Datta.One advice which he has always given me is that karma speaks and what is destined for you shall always be yours no matter what no one can take that away from you and you should not envy anyone.

Aastha Chaudhary

Banesingh Chaudhary- Aastha Chaudhary_compressed

My father’s name is Banesingh Chaudhary. One important lesson which I have taken from my father is that we should never forget our roots. Be humble and grounded. When I was leaving home and coming here in Mumbai he specifically told me to stay grounded. This industry is full of glitters and all that glitters is not gold. And this name fame, money are all temporary. Your real treasure is your roots, family. I haven’t planned anything on this Father’s Day. But my only intention is always to make him proud.

Adaa Khan

Abbas Khan-Adaa Khan_compressed

My father’s name is Abaas Khan.One thing which he has always advised me is that we should not trust everyone blindly and since I am a spender he always keeps telling me to save, but I believe to live for today.

Aniruddh Dave

Aniruddh Dave -Vitin Dave_compressed

My father Vitin Dave has given me an excellent upbringing. The values he has given me has made me the person I am. He always told me that good work follows the money and never hurt anyone on your way up in your career. I follow what my father taught me. My father lives in Jaipur. I would talk to him on the phone as I can’t go to Jaipur as I am shooting for my TV show Patiala babes.

Asmita Sood

Asmita Sood- Ashwani Sood_compressed

My father’s name is Ashwani Sood.The advice my dad gave me which I follow till date is that nothing is impossible. He is someone who calms me down whenever I’m stressed out. He stands out there like a rock for me every time even when feeling low or stressed out. I will be in Mumbai onfathers day but I will send something for him from here itself, thinking about a nice gift and some chocolate cake as he loves chocolate just like I do.

Kinshuk Vaidya

Kinshuk Vaidya-Nitin M Vaidya_compressed

My father’s name is Nitin M Vaidya. The advise he always gives me is be a good human being, the rest will follow. I will spend some time with him on this Father’s Day as we both are very busy with our respective professions and don’t get much time.

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