Celebrities talk about love for music on World Music Day!

Music is like magic to me; it has the power to transform my mood and uplift my spirit. When I listen to music, it's as if I'm transported to another world where everything feels lighter and more vibrant.

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Celebrities talk about love for music on World Music Day!
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Kashish Duggal


Music is like magic to me; it has the power to transform my mood and uplift my spirit. When I listen to music, it's as if I'm transported to another world where everything feels lighter and more vibrant. Music is therapeutic, providing solace during tough times and amplifying joy during happy moments. It inspires me by sparking creativity, offering comfort, and connecting me to deeper emotions. In essence, music is my refuge and my muse, helping me navigate life's highs and lows with grace and resilience. My favorite genre is romance. It allows me to express myself effortlessly and understand the depth of emotions of others as well. I particularly enjoy listening to artists like Arijit Singh and Satinder Sartaj because they pour their souls into their singing. Currently, my favorite song is 'Ve’ Haniya,' which I can listen to on repeat as I can connect to each and every word.

Seema Kapoor


I have a long playlist consisting of various artists depicting versatile genres, but I'm not obsessed over it. I love to hear it mostly while on a drive or during exercises. I love music that inspires, uplifts and peps up your mood. On the other hand, I listen to particular ones that relate to my inner being. Music surely impacts your mood and your day. Music therapy is quite crucial to one's well-being as it has the power to maneuver one from negativity to positivity and to bring you out of your shell or dark moments. My personal choice has been to hear music with emotional lyrics with high-pitched peppy music. It shakes me out of my blues and invigorates me to move on and charge ahead in life. The list of my favorite singers is huge, from Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson to Rafi Saab, Aashaji, and Kumar Sanu, to contemporary ones like B Praak, Arijit Singh, Afsana Khan, and the Nooran Sisters. I love metallic voices and those that are out of the world, and different from the usual ones. The voice quality, lyrics, and music have to hit me hard to love it. I also listen to 'Pasoori' because its lyrics, singing, and music touch my heart.

Saanand Verma

Saanand Verma: वेब सीरीज एक कलाकार के रूप में बहुत स्वतंत्रता देती है

Music is as close to me as acting. Music brings out top-class emotions and an emotional drive. It inspires me. The singer and the classical way I have learned music are due to my Guruji. Music is my body's inspiration. I have a tanpura, a harmonium, a guitar, and a keyboard to play music. I am a fan of Kishore Kumar, my favorite singer. I always listen to his songs and feel inspired by them. Kishore Kumar is my favorite singer, even though he did not learn classical music formally. He brought yodeling to India and was a versatile artist, actor, and music director. Kishore Kumar's level of singing and artistry is unmatched, and only someone like Mohammad Rafi comes close. Kishore Kumar was a gifted artist, which is why he is my favorite singer. Listening to Kishore Kumar's songs enhances any mood, whether you are lonely or happy. His compositions are very rich, and they form the base of music therapy, which is why his songs have a lasting impact.

Twinkle Arora


Music for me is roohani. It can teleport us. Some feelings I can’t explain but more like peace! It is super duper important in my life. Music is something that always brings me in a better mood. It helps me be productive. I put on music and complete my daily tasks with fun. I am a person who loves all genres; it just depends on my mood or my goal to decide what to hear. But if I have to choose, I’ll go for pop or sometimes Sufi. Arijit Singh and Diljit Dosanjh both have some kind of calmness in their voices.

Aparna Dixit


I think music plays a very important role, especially for me. My day starts with music. I begin my day by playing some really good God-related songs or bhajans to uplift myself. I feel music has the power to take you to a different zone, even while doing my scenes. My mood aligns with the scene, so music is a very important factor in my life. I don't think there's a single day without listening to music for me. I feel all artists, especially music composers and lyricists, have a blessing from God. I love listening to different kinds of music, and I believe in the power of musical instruments and music therapy. I think Arijit Singh is an amazing singer, and I really enjoy listening to his and Shreya Ghoshal's songs. M.M. Keeravani is a music composer whose work I admire, and of course, there's A.R. Rahman. I'm a total Bollywood girl, and I love Hindi cinema songs, especially old ones. I enjoy listening to Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle.

Shubhangi Atre


I think I cannot survive without music. According to me, music is essential. Yes, without music, I think the entire nature, the entire universe, lacks rhythmic discipline. I cannot survive without music. Like now, the monsoon has started. My monsoons are closely related to rain songs. I just love that. Yes, in fact, it uplifts my mood. When I feel low and listen to music, I really feel good. I even meditate with music, whether it's the flute, Tibetan bowl, or Om chanting. So yes, it is very, very important to me.

Sachin Parikh


Music really helps to relax our minds. It plays a crucial role in shaping our mood in various aspects of life. When you’re in a party mood, you can't listen to sad or emotional music, and vice versa. Music keeps up and peps up the mood for different walks and activities of life. Jagjit Singh, Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal, and Lataji are my all-time favorite singers. The range of their voices gives a different high and makes me want to keep listening to them again and again.

Celesti Bairagey


It's like my personal soundtrack, always there to hype me up or help me unwind. Whether I'm getting ready for a shoot or just chilling, music sets the mood for my day. Depending on what I'm listening to, it can pump me up, chill me out, or even make me dance around my room. It's a vibe! Music therapy is legit! It's like a mental health booster. When I'm stressed or feeling down, music can lift me up and turn my day around. It's like therapy but with beats and lyrics! I'm into a mix of genres, but I love artists who bring the feels and inspire me creatively. Lately, I've been hooked on 'Sajni' from Laapataa Ladies. The song's beautiful melody and soulful lyrics have really captured my heart.

Aalisha Panwar


Music is my constant companion; it fuels my creativity and helps me unwind after a long day of shooting. Whether I'm preparing for a role or just relaxing, music is always there, setting the mood and keeping me motivated. Absolutely, the music I listen to can completely change my mood and energize me. It's like a switch that instantly lifts my spirits or helps me reflect, depending on what I need at the moment. Music therapy is incredibly therapeutic; it has a calming effect on me and helps reduce stress. It's like a form of meditation for me. I love listening to Bollywood music. Arijit Singh is my favorite Bollywood singer; his voice is soulful and expressive, and he can convey so much emotion through his songs. His music touches my heart. Currently, I'm hooked on 'Dil Hi Toh Hai' from the movie The Sky Is Pink. The song's beautiful melody and heartfelt lyrics have been on repeat for me. It's a song that speaks of love and resilience, and I find it comforting.

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