What is in the horoscope of Bollywood stars in the year 2024?

Shri Subrata Banerjee is one of the few astrologers who is known for his predictions among film artists and diplomats. Banerjee, who became famous by making business predictions on Sahara TV

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Shri Subrata Banerjee

Astrology guru Subrata Banerjee revealed 

Shri Subrata Banerjee is one of the few astrologers who is known for his predictions among film artists and diplomats. Banerjee, who became famous by making business predictions on Sahara TV, has made some calculations regarding Bollywood heroes (stars) for 'Mayapuri'. Let's see, what is there in the horoscope of the stars in the year 2024-


Shahrukh Khan: Shahrukh Khan has been the most talked about star of the last year 2023. Shahrukh is a person who believes in destiny along with hard work. That is why nowadays he has changed his name and started writing 'Shah Rukh Khan'. He schedules the shows before the release of his films keeping in mind his lucky number '555'. The rise in fame of Shahrukh, whose date of birth is November 2, 1965, will continue in 2024. He is a person of the Scorpio zodiac sign and is influenced by Moon and Leo. These people make every situation favorable to them. Some reason or the other will be in discussion throughout the year 2024. He will also be in the news because of his daughter Suhana. As a father, a successful businessman, and head of the household, with the support of his daughter (Suhana) and son (Aryan), he will continue to rule the film industry for the next few years.

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Amitabh Bachchan: For Big B, who has become a big name in the film world, future opportunities in life are coming to an end. According to the horoscope of Amitabh born on 11 October 1942, there is Mahadasha of Saturn in the 11th house which gives success after hard work. But now his planetary defects are not able to support his daughter-in-law (Aishwarya) and son (Abhishek). There will be disputes and mental tension at home. It is harmful to his health. May Mother Chamunda give him physical and mental strength!

Jagga Jasoos is my first and last film as a producer: Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor How will the coming year of Ranbir Kapoor, who reached the heights of fame with the film 'Animal'? Everyone wants to know this. Ranbir Kapoor, born on 28 September 1982, spread like a banyan tree. Those born in the family are of Libra-Libra zodiac sign. He became a star as soon as he was born. However, due to the adverse effects of planets and constellations, they were not able to create craze even after doing good work. Sometimes good, very good, and sometimes the responsibility of complete defeat lies on their shoulders.

Sunny Deol

Sunny Deol has similar planets and constellations. Again in the year 2024, all their news will be silenced. Ranbir Kapoor's fortunes have started rising after marrying Alia Bhatt. But, in the year 2024, their work will increase but their reputation will stop.

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Salman Khan: Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan alias Salman 'Bhai Jaan', born on 27 December 1965, is under the influence of Mars-Mars. Such people live with emotion, action, and courage. Salman also trusts his lucky charm (bracelet stone) a lot. He is a perfect hero and he is influenced by both Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac signs. Salman Khan's career will continue as it is. Whether the film works or not, his stardom will not diminish even a bit.

Bobby Deol  in the Animal climax action scene

Bobby Deol: Some people's luck is very strong. Bobby, whose birth number is January 27, 1967, gets everything due to luck. He was born in the house of a star like Dharmendra by luck, he got the opportunity in films by luck, he got the series 'Ashram' on the OTT platform by luck, and when there was no work, he got a small negative role of a dumb man in 'Animal' by luck, and that luck has supported him. He became the most discussed actor at the end of last year 2023. It can be thought that they will get many films in the year 2024, but it does not seem that any film will favor them. Yes, the calculations of their fate are such that they will once again be in the news at the end of the year. This time he will be in the news because of his family. Probably the launch of his son's film was the reason.


Akshay Kumar: According to his birthday on 9 September 1967, Akshay Kumar aka Rajeev Bhatia is a Virgo. They are influenced by Jupiter which is situated in the second house in the horoscope. Such people make a lot of money. Time is good. There is no chaos in life. Stardom will continue to sleepwalk. Maybe Akshay will move towards politics.

Overall, the year 2024 is the time of Gajakesari Yoga for Bollywood. This year people will be seen working enthusiastically in the film business. Movies will also be successful. Any regional language film can become worthy of international respect. The first three months of the year will be full of accidents whereas the beginning of the year will be enthusiastic and the enthusiasm will remain till the end.


- Sharad Rai


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