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Film Genius is set to release on 24th August, 2018  


‘Genius’ directed by Gadar director Anil Sharma, is a tale of two genius minds pitted against each other.

The first genius is RAW Agent Vasudev Shastri (Utkarsh Sharma) who is facing off against the second & even bigger genius M.R.S. (Nawazuddin Siddiqui).

Vasudev is an orphan, with a brilliant mind who wants only one thing in his life: love. And his love knows no

boundaries whether it is towards Nandini (Ishita Chauhan), the girl he has fallen for or towards the country.

What ensues is a gripping tale woven with elements of romance, music ,patriotism and high octane action

where Vasudev must choose between the love for his country or for his girl. What will this genius decide?

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