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Filmmaker Rima Das- a young Oscar nominee from Indian village

Rima Das is a real protagonist film maker, hailing from Asam, working with college going cousin.She does the work of cinematography and editing on her own.Her cousin delivers other charge of Film production. Or both sisters all together work to make film
Films are made in Mumbai,Bangaloru, Kolkata,Gauhauti, Chennai,Hyderabad , Trianantpuram but after invention of cheaper digital camera upto 2k– 4k Resolution, Film making has become so easy that no need to come to Mumbai and reside.If someone wants to make film with big stars and big cinematography, he/she may come and do the hard struggle.And of course,for TV Shows, the the girls and boys have to come to Mumbai.
Now,small Bollywoods have emerged in various corners of country. The short films and feature films can be shot in small town. All the facilities are available and the films are uploaded on youtube . Web world is buying the films and extraordinary concepts can be the film of NETFLIX, AMAZON, EROSE WEB, ZEE 5 etc. At my time, things were different.Pathos from long struggle in order to get the role or direction  in the film envelopes the talent and thinking ability of individual.
Rima Das has ignited the hope of making film, creating small Bollywoods .In 2017,Toranto Film Festival and various international film shaped the dream of Rima Das and she won various international film awards. In 2018, the film ” The village Rockstar” has got the best national award of Indian Government. The jury of Oscar committee to select the film for official Nomination of the Government has also pleasantly surprised. The surprise is gusto and ignition of hope for all newly film directors who wants to fulfill the aspiration and dream in the film. Rima Das’s film “The village Rock star” has been nominated for Oscar Award for this year. Many films were in race of big stars of Bollywood like The Padman etc.
Rima Das has paved the way for youngster and aspiring film actors and techenecians. Rima told a reporter that  when she got Toranto Film Award and the best film award of Natioanal Film Award of Government, she got promises of few distributors to release the films but later on, all backed out.
Rima Das’s film “Village Rock Star” got the OSCAR entry on behalf of Government of India beating all the big films of super star and big directors.
Great salute to Film Maker Rima Das.

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