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Fit Is The New Sexy; Says Mitaali Nag


Jyothi Venkatesh

In an industry where actors are always aiming for six pack abs and size zero body, actress Mitaali Nag has opened up about shedding her post pregnancy weight, “I was bearing a child, obviously I would put on weight. Having said that, I enjoyed my pregnancy & loved every day of those 9 months. Although I had put on a lot of weight I would still wear short and hot clothes. I remember each time I would wear something body hugging people would come up to me & tell me its so tight and how I should wear loose clothes. Honestly, I didn’t care. I did what i liked, I wore what i liked & I ate what i liked”

In fact, the actress truly believes that new moms should always be proud of their bodies, even if it gets difficult to embrace the changes.

The actress says the secret behind her perfect body is not any crash diet but a lifestyle change. “I think ideally one should not reach a stage where you have to go on crash diets. You need to be conscious on daily basis. Embracing ketogenic way of eating helped me get back in shape. I feel workouts and healthy eating should be a part of everyone’s lifestyle”

If you think that the starlet must be depriving herself from delicacies, it’s completely wrong “For me, yoga and eating healthy is a part of my lifestyle. In the ketogenic form of diet, I have to be careful about how much carbs I eat. My aim was to lose inches which I achieved in a short span owing to my body type, and honestly speaking now that I have adapted Keto as a lifestyle I feel much more energetic and fit. I am not too hard on myself and so I make sure that I don’t ignore my cravings. Once in 15 days I indulge in a carb loaded meal where I eat my fave papadams n fries. ”

Mitaali believes that each person should spare at least an hour and dedicate that time to themselves. “Everyone needs to enjoy their “me” time. Whether it is any form of exercise or meditation or any art form that one likes, any sport, or just cleaning the house. For me it’s yoga and dancing! A lot of my fans ask me the secret behind my weight loss especially the post pregnancy fat loss which is the most difficult.
I believe that you must never pressurize yourself in order to be a certain size, in fact take things slow and steady. That provides the best results long term. It is not necessary that you need to splurge on expensive gyms or different form of workouts. A simple one hour walk and basic exercises along with healthy eating should be practiced regularly in order to see the desired results”

Different body types response time is different in keto or any other form of diets, so you should not stress if you are not losing those inches soon and someone else is. Just set a goal and work towards the fact that you should be fit and healthy. Because Fit is the new sexy

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