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Fitness Model Vedieka Dutt Sizzles In A Hot Photoshoot 

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Jyothi  Venkatesh

Manto actress Vedieka Dutt has surprised the audience with her jawdropping photoshoot with Savvy. The theme of this photoshoot revolve s around #BlackMagicWoman series. Photographer Somsubhro Sarkaar’s heedful intent behind zeroing down upon this theme was to highlight Vedieka’s natural beauty. Explaining further he says that black magic is that kind of magic which when cast upon anyone, it is difficult to get rid of. Similarly, with a range of her pictures in black and white, he wishes to unveil her enthralling and fascinating beauty, with every passing picture.

With no additional makeup, styling or any external light source, Somsubhro wishes to keep it as simple as possible yet very real. Her outfits are carefully and meticulously designed which complement her physique and the entire theme of the photoshoot very well. With Vedieka dressing up in a series of black outfits, she looks stunning and phenomenal in all of her pictures. The photographer passionately compares Vedieka’s beauty to be as impactful and mesmerizing as black magic is. Vedieka, who is very passionate and dedicated to her work, was also extremely excited to collaborate with Somsubhro Sarkaar and is extremely glad that it turned out to be so beautiful.

Vedieka is an ardent follower and admirer of various forms of art and works dedicatedly such that her work reflects on the society conveying a positive and an insightful message.

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‘SAVVY’ presents photographer Somsubhro Sarkaar’s #BlackMagicWoman series… Says photographer Somsubhro Sarkaar: “Black magic can take control of someone on whom it has been cast. Model Vedieka’s mesmerizing beauty is no less than black magic! This black and white series with black outfits is almost like a spell on someone. It’s difficult to get rid of her imagery. So the series is named #BlackMagicWoman. It involves no makeup, no styling and no external light source. It’s purely a visual recipe created with the lens, the lensman and the subject (Vedieka).” Photographs: Somsubhro Sarkaar, Instagram @somsarkaar ; Model: Vedieka Dutt, Instagram @itsvediekadutt ; Digital Imaging:

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