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For French Stylist Florian Hurel, Diwali Is Magical


Jyothi Venkatesh

French hair and make up stylist Florian Hurel, who was applauded recently for the fabulous work he did with actor Priyanka Chopra Jonas in the film The Sky is Pink, is very excited to be in India for Diwali. In fact, he has been enjoying all the rituals connected with the festival. “Diwali is magical. People dress up, buy gifts, sweets and get together to celebrate. I have, in fact, been playing cards on Diwali with friends and have lost also few bucks,” he says. Florian has been in India since the last 3-4 years and has been having wonderful experiences. “I have been in India for sometime now. During this time, I have been in a flight on an average once a week. Every time to  a different city for work or leisure. I have always found the country very passionate, interesting and rich in diversity,” he says.

He adds, “India, for me, is home.  I have always felt very comfortable and connected with the people here. While travelling, I have discovered that India has multiple cultures, languages, spices and what not! It is interesting to see how different each place is. It is such a great learning as a human being to connect with each culture and experience the difference. I have always tried not to compare India to a Western country and also said that Mumbai alone isn’t India. India for me is those small cities in Rajasthan or Kerala, Leh , Bangalore , Chennai , Cochin , Hyderabad , Pune , Chennai , Delhi and the likes of it. I have also been to the Taj Mahal four times  and to Kerala multiple times.”And what about the food here? “I love Indian food. I often have my favourite butter chicken at Sheetal bukara on Linking Road in Mumbai. I love South Indian dosa too. I brought my parents to India twice and they are coming again in January . They love the south India a lot,” he says, adding, “I also have an Indian cook who cooks for Priyanka  Chopra when she is town too.”

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